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Why TRX Training Club is the Workout App You Need | 10/04/2021 It’s lunch time on a Tuesday, and you could use a reset. After a 30-minute TRX Training Club℠ workout, you find your second wind.  3 Ways to Maintain a Clear Mind and Improve Your Mental Health | 09/28/2021 Life is stressful. Work, family, health and finances can all exacerbate that stress, but there is no magic threshold that determines if you’re entitled to feel overwhelmed or anxious or sad. Your feelings are your feelings. You are allowed to experience... The 4 Best Kettlebell Exercises for Beginners | 09/23/2021   Gear Spotlight: Why Gravity Cast Kettlebells Are Better | 09/21/2021 All kettlebells are not created equal. How to Nail the TRX Handstand with Yoga Instructor Krystal Say | 09/16/2021 Krystal Say can remember her first handstands. She was playing outside as a child; tumbling, cartwheeling, and balancing. Even as an adult—with a career as a yoga instructor and TRX expert— she still sees the joy in handstands. Krystal loves tapping into... Try These 5 Yoga Moves With Your TRX Suspension Trainer™ | 09/15/2021   Our Top 5 TRX Training Club Workouts: Yoga Edition | 09/14/2021 We interrupt your strength-cardio-repeat fitness cycle with this important message: You need a yoga practice. TRX® can help. 20 Questions for Randy Hetrick: The Brain Behind TRX Bandit™ | 09/01/2021 More than 20 years ago, TRX® founder Randy Hetrick created the TRX Suspension Trainer™ out of necessity: he needed to maintain a pro-athlete level of fitness while deployed in remote locations around the world as a Navy SEAL. Randy’s had a few more... How TRX Bandit™ Changed My Workout Routine | 08/27/2021   Everything You Need to Know About Resistance Bands | 08/19/2021